Our suppliers



3M Canada operates in several fields of activity including the sector of ??safety, security and protection in addition to offering a complete line of cleaning products.

Pads, mops, scrubs, wipes    ? CFIA Approved    



The Advance brand is part of the Nilfisk-Advance Group. Nilfisk-Advance is among the world’s leading suppliers of professional commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipments.

Vacuums and accessories    ? CFIA Approved    


AEP is the complete one-source solution for polyethylene films. AEP manufacture and market the broadest range of quality PVC stretch and shrink film for packaging of fresh red meats, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables, and bakery products. 

Saran Wrap, Shrink film, stretch film  ? CFIA Approved   ? Balpex Supplier


Albany Packaging specializes in the design, manufacture and printing of quality folding paperboard cartons.

Cake, pizza and muffin boxes     ? Balpex Supplier


AlphaPoly Corporation is a manufacturer of polyethylene bag. The company serves a broad range of industries including Food Service for both food and industrial applications.

Poly bags, reclosable bags     ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier


Avmor specializes in offering tailored maintenance and professionals cleaning chemicals.

Cleaning products     ? CFIA Approved     


The CTT/WR group of companies – Canadian Technical Tape Ltd, Cantech Industries Inc., and W. Ralston (Canada) Inc. – manufactures a range of pressure sensitive tapes, plastic film and a wide assortment of trash, recycling, storage and compostable bags.

Tapes     ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier


The Cascades Group Tissue innovates by introducing ecological products. They supply paper hand towels, bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper napkins, perforated roll towels, wipers and dispensers for both the consumer and Away-from-Home markets.   

Toilet papers, napkins, paper towels, facial tissues, dispensers     ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier

CKF is specialized in quality moulded pulp and foam products and offers a wide range of products to meet the specific demands of food service operators and retailers.

Foam trays and plates     ? CFIA Approved    ? Balpex Supplier     ? BPI Approved




Dart is the world's largest manufacturer of foam cups and supplies a broad range of quality single-use products.

Foam cups and containers    ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier


Deb Group is a company specialized in skin care products.

Sanitizers, soaps, dispensers, chemical products    ? CFIA Approved


Diversey is a leading brand of sustainable cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions.

Soaps, deodorizer,s cleaners, dispensesr, chemical products    ? CFIA Approved


Durabox is a manufacturing company that sells corrugated pizza boxes, meat boxes and custom die boxes.

Pizza boxes    


Dustbane Products Limited have over 100 year of expertise in the sanitation industry. Dustbane is a manufacturer of cleaning products and cleaning equipments.

Cleaners, degreasers, detergents, germicides, dosing systems, polishers, burnishers, extractors and automatic scrubbers      ? CFIA Approved  ? Balpex Supplier


Dyne-a-pak is one of the largest producers in North America of foam trays.

Foam meat trays     ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier     ? BPI Approved



Enjay Converters manufactures a complete line of laminated and wrapped cake circles and sheets.

Laminated cake boards    ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier


Genpak is servicing the retail, food processing, and food service industries with an array of disposable products from foam hinged containers to oven ready bakery trays.

Plastic, cardboard and foam containers   ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier     ? BPI Approved



Intertape Polymer Group is widely recognized for its development and manufacture of specialized polyolefin, plastic and paper-based packaging products, as well as complementary packaging systems for industrial and retail use. 

Stretch film, tape   ? CFIA Approved


Kruger is a leading manufacturer and distributor of tissue and paper towel products for both consumer, in-home use and commercial, away from home use. They manufacture and distribute a wide range of products, including bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towels and napkins.

Hand papers, toilet papers, soaps, dispensers     ? CFIA Approved    ? Balpex Supplier



Marino is recognized for their wide selection of  strong, durable mops, handles, brooms, brushes and other cleaning products.

Brooms, mops, wipes, cleaning accessories     ? Balpex Supplier      



McNairn Packaging  manufactures a broad range of food packaging products for the food service, supermarket, bakery and food processing markets.

Paper bags, waxed and unxaed paper sheets, foil sheets    ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier     ? BPI Approved



Nilodor's mission is to manufacture the finest odor control and carpet care products available.
Odor Control and Carpet Care Products

Novelis is the world leader in rolled aluminum products. Novelis transforms the inherent qualities of aluminum intofood trays, food containers and foil packaging.

Aluminum trays and containers     ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier



Pactiv’s focuses on producing and distributing the highest quality foodservice packaging products. Their product lines includes custom and stock foam, plastic, aluminum, pressed-paperboard, PE coated board, and molded-fiber packaging.

Plastic and aluminum containers, portion cups     ? CFIA Approved      ? Balpex Supplier



Polar Pak is a one-stop-shop for single-use foodservice products. Polar offer a wide range of high quality tableware items, cups, plates, deli containers and cutleries.

Cutleries, trays, containers, lids, cups      ? CFIA Approved    ? Balpex Supplier

Polyair is an industry leader in the North American protective packaging market. Polyair offer a full product line-up of bubble, foam, mailers, insulationand integrated packaging systems.

Bubble wrap protections     ? CFIA Approved



Polykar developed its expertise in making garbage bags for the industrial, commercial, food packaging and institutional industries.

Garbage bags     ? CFIA Approved      ? Balpex Supplier     ? BPI Approved


The CTT/WR group of companies – Canadian Technical Tape Ltd, Cantech Industries Inc., and W. Ralston (Canada) Inc. – manufactures a range of pressure sensitive tapes, plastic film and a wide assortment of trash, recycling, storage and compostable bags.

Garbage bags    ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier    ? BPI Approved



Ronco is a world-class manufacturer of personal protective in workplace applications that require head, hand and body protection.

Gloves, Masks, Coveralls    ? CFIA Approved


Rubbermaid Commercial Products is a manufacturer of innovative solutions on the maintenance market with its wide line of products such as material handling, skincare, washroom care, waste management solutions.

Mops, cleaning carts, equipments, waste receptacles, recycle bins       ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier



Seydaco Packaging Corp. is specializing in the manufacturing of stock and specialty paperboard products and is a leading manufacturer of cake, pie, pastry and pizza cartons.

 Cake, pie and muffin boxes


The Solo Cup Company focused on the manufacture of single-use products used to serve food and beverages.

Plastic and paper cups, containers     ? CFIA Approved     ? Balpex Supplier     ? BPI Approved


Stoko® is a skin care expert who provides skin care and hand hygiene solutions for healthy skin and well being.

Hand soaps, hand lotions



TOUCH distributes single-use products such as kitchen accessories, beverages accessories and household products.

Toothpicks, straws, cutlery, cups     ? CFIA Approved      ? Balpex Supplier



VC999 is a brand of Inauen Group and is recognized around the world for their engineering design and manufacturing expertise in packaging machine systems.

Vaccum bags