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Business Services

Since its establishment, SIPP focuses on providing excellent service to its regional customers in various spheres of activities. Customer service is an integral part of SIPP's expertise and know-how. Our qualified personnel are devoted to guaranteeing a fulfilling experience that targets needs and meets the expectations of our customers.


SIPP offers private labeling on an extensive number of products, which enables its customers to promote their brands. Further, SIPP coordinates with graphic services, manages printing and stores surplus inventory, which enables its customers to place orders when required.

Training Program

As part of its service, SIPP offers in house training programs in partnership with its main suppliers. SIPP and its suppliers team up to provide its customers with expert advice on the use of their products.

Ordering Options

Order through your representative


For a more personalized service, your representative will meet with you or will contact you and assist you in making your orders.

Order by Fax or Telephone

Send your orders via fax at 905-850-1725 or call 905-850-8825 to contact one of our agents at Customer service


We serve:

Deliveries are free for orders of $300.00 or more. For orders under $300.00 before taxes, there is a delivery charge of $25.00.